Meet Nick.

I was granted a BA in Philosophy from CSU Bakersfield with a Special Minor in Pre-Law. While there and briefly after graduation, I worked with special needs kids. Eventually, I got certified in ABA therapy and began providing one-on-one home therapy for kids on the autism spectrum.

Additionally, I attended The Los Angeles Recording School and have worked for more than 10 years in the music industry in various capacities until I found my niche as an audio engineer and producer. 

After going through countless life experiences and challenges, my real purpose has become clear to me: to serve others. For far too long, Kern County has been run by a small group of elites who do not truly represent the interests of residents and community members. It’s time for people like you and me to steer this county forward. 

This is a grassroots campaign involving knocking on as many doors as possible. My experiences have prepared me for the tough challenges awaiting me in this campaign, and I look forward to making this a worthwhile cause for everyone in the Central Valley. I hope to have your support in making our home a place with a thriving economy where every person has equal opportunity for success.

I’m a member of the Kern County Democratic Central Committee co-chairing the Subcommittee on Immigration. The subcommittee recently got unanimous consent to adopt a resolution on DACA for a Clean Dream Act. Serving concurrently in the KCDCC, I am a member of Kern Welcoming and Extending Solidarity to Immigrants (KWESI).

Pursuant to my goal of assisting survivors of the opioid crisis in our region, I serve as a member of the Patient Advocacy and Advisory Group (PAAG) for Aegis Treatment Centers. As a member of PAAG I serve as a liaison between patients and administration and I also help train new staff regarding PAAG.

Your Growth Oriented Community Building Partner.

Right now, the questionable notion pervades our community that businesses in the oil and agriculture industries are the only viable options for this part of the country. Let me tell you that this is not the case.

Envision New Career Opportunities

I know the potential of our residents, career professionals, and skilled workers for growth and expansion into new career opportunities. That is why the Nick Nicita for Assembly 2018 campaign focuses on tapping into a variety of other economic growth opportunities for the Central Valley.

Investments in Technology and Healthcare

While the oil and agricultural industries are important to the economy, it is just as important to diversify. Doing so, however, requires attracting fast-growing industries by venturing into technology and investing in viable healthcare infrastructure. It can be done through knowledgeable and competent people-centric leadership. This is what I humbly offer.

Productive Components of the Community

Contrary to popular perception, immigrants are a vital part of our communities in America. Valuable sectors of our culture and economy are populated by immigrants from all over the world. Through educational and skill-building programs we can positively influence the misconstrued view of immigrants as takers and transform it into a knowledge of everything immigrants add to our community. This will enable us to pool the skills of native county residents and immigrants into one productive workforce.


The ultimate goal of KWESI is to end the isolation of immigration detainees through visitation programs at detention centers. In some cases KWESI is also able to help detainees find sponsors and post bond. I believe this work is very important because we’re not just helping immigrants, we’re helping human beings.

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